Freddy Castro


photo by Sterling Graves

Freddy Castro has been a big part of the coffee world for some time now and while coffee is a huge passion of his, he is first and foremost a musician and songwriter. I am incredibly excited to announce that Freddy will be coming out with his first single this month.

The single will be released August 5, 2014. It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and other online music stores. The single is called: Coming Around For Me.  

In support of Freddy and his dreams, Taproom Coffee will be hosting a mini TNT on Tuesday, July 29th and he will be showcasing his single for the first time in public directly after. Consider it a house show. Just him, his guitar, and everyone who has supported him through this process. The throwdown will begin at 7pm, and Freddy will be filling Taproom with his sweet tunes by 8pm or 8:30pm. Come hang out with us, drink with us, and enjoy this night with us. for more details!


photo by Sterling Graves

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